E+S: Stefan Schwarzkopf - Shared screen with speaker view
John Barry
I've a question and comment Ray
Kenny Doyle
Thank you for an excellent and very interesting presentation. Foucault wrote of the market as being a site of veridiction, where do you think this idea of a truth setting regime fits with theology?
John Barry
Thanks Stefan and all who helped organise this morning's session... I have to go teach now … take care one and all, stay safe, wash your hands and socially distance from neoliberalism!! ;-)
Jordan Kirwan
Hey all, have to head out now. Thanks Stefan for an interesting talk and discussion
Alex Wade
Thank you Stefan. Great to have some intellectual stimulation on a Tuesday morning and thank you to the wider invitation via the Social Theory listserv. See you all soon.
Anthony Behan
Have to join another call, but thanks all. Great session.
Elizabeth Creed
thank you Stefan, Ray - very interesting seminar, discussion